Around 10 Million People across India undergoes pain of piles daily.

Piles/Haemorrhoids are referred as swelling or bloating of veins in the anus and rectum. Haemorrhoids, this term basically refers to “Cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels at the junction of the rectum and the anus” as per anatomy. In today’s time this term is generally used to mention the varicose of haemorrhoid tissue.


  • Constipation or diarrhoea leads to maximum straining during bowel moments and ultimately mad bud a bloating of veins.
  • Constipation because of water retention makes it common for women to experience it as premenstrual syndrome or menstruation.
  • Portal hypertension directly affects they haemorrhoid because it has connection between the portal vein and the vena cava which is present in rectal wall.
  • Obesity plays a vital role as it increase rectal vein pressure. Sitting for long periods of time can cause piles.
  • Poor posture along with poor muscle tone can also result in too much pressure on rectal veins.
  •  During pregnancy hypertension and increases Strain during bowel movements.
  • excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Both of these element can cause diarrhoea and indigestion which gradually increase the blood pressure and can lead to chronic hypertension.


when an individual suffers from piles and is on his initial stage, he is recommended for a homoeopathy treatment. With the help of homeopathy treatment you can successfully eliminate piles without being under surgeon‘s knife. The remedy assures the complete recovery of a patient along with entire safety, gentleness, without side-effect.

If you consult an efficient homoeopath at your early stages of piles, he will make sure that you can cure your swellings without any harm. Suffering like bleeding on an extent and other piles symptoms can be easily cured with gentleness. Homeopathy is highly effective for long lasting security of haemorrhoids.


Some people claim to have successfully applied natural procedures for treatment or reversal of chronic conditions. These procedures largely echo the prevention measures. However, self-care measures, including herbal or “natural” remedies, should not be undertaken without medical consent to avoid possible drug interactions. They include:

  • Reducing regional pressure in such ways as improving posture and muscle tone, or in severe cases, undergoing a profound psychophysical reeducation, by a method such as the Alexander Technique.
  • Taking herbs and dietary supplements that strengthen vein walls, such as Butcher’s BroomHorse-chestnut, bromelain, and Japanese Pagoda Tree extracts. Drinking 99% pure aloe juice can also relieve itching and swelling.
  • Topical application of natural astringents and soothing agents, such as Witch hazel (astringent), Cranesbill, Aloe vera, and honey.
  • Drinking chamomile tea several times a day.
  • Eating fiber-rich bulking agents such as plantain and Psyllium seed husks to help create a softer stool that is easier to pass, to lessen the irritation of existing hemorrhoids.
  • Using the squatting position for bowel movements.[18]
  • For sufferers of hemorrhoids caused by poor vein circulation (coupled with varicose veins in lower extremities and/or varicocele), sleeping overnight with raised legs helps reduce or completely eliminate especially external haemorrhoids.



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