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Wanna Know About Dr Vikas

You’re in good hands with Dr. Vikas

You and your doctor should have a strong and positive relationship. It's important that your doctor treats you with care and compassion, almost like family. Doctors are often seen as saviors for patients, sometimes even likened to God, so they carry a significant responsibility towards their patients. If you're seeking a doctor who is friendly, intelligent, and responsible, Dr. Vikas Rewar fits the bill.

Why Dr. Vikash Rewar ?

Compassionate Care

He provides compassionate and personalized care to his patients.


Dr. Vikas Rewar is highly knowledgeable and skilled in his field.

Comprehensive Care​

Offers comprehensive medical care, including preventive measures and treatment options.


He shows empathy and understanding towards patients' emotional and physical needs.

Positive Reputation:​

He has a positive reputation among patients and peers for his exceptional medical care.

Patient-Centered Approach​

Dr. Rewar prioritizes the well-being and preferences of his patients.


Dr. Rewar is accessible and approachable for consultations and follow-ups.


Patients trust him for his honesty and integrity in medical practice.


He communicates effectively and listens attentively to patient concerns.​