PVR Meditech Cough rLx Drops

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PVR MEDITECH brings a effective Homeopathic cough drops which gives relif in all types of cough

Benefits :

  • Relaxing respirtory tract and remove thick mucus
  • Helps in Breathing issues and wizzing
  • Make breath easy and effortless


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Product Description

Cough rLx ia combination of an antiallergic ,expectorant ,and mucolytic agents that together serve as an effective combination for multi symptoms cough relief The most common health issue for people of all ages is Coughing which is a reflex mechanism of our body. It can be dry wherein, there are no exudates but one cough frequently, or wet wherein, coughing is accompanied by mucus. PVR Cough rLx drop enriched with homeopathic medicines which  effectively relieves cough and cold. It easy breathing by soothing nasal and chest congestion.


  • Belladona 3x
  • Bryonia alba 3x
  • Cuprum Aceticum4x
  • Drosera 3x
  • Ipecac 3x
  • Rumex crispus 3x
  • Spongia 3x
  • Squilla 3x
  • Thynus serp Q

How to use :

20 drops BD For adults

10 drops BD for child

in 1/2 cup of lukewarm  water or prescribe by Physicins