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Asthma : Best Homeopathic Medicine

Asthma: Asthma is a respiratory affection characterized by hyperactivity of the respiratory tract and bronchi to various irritants.This disorder consists of paroxysmal sibilant bronchial dyspnea, Mostly during the evening and night and bronchial obstruction due to many region as bronchial muscle spasms, mucous oedema and hyper secretion of mucus.

Prevalence: Asthma is one of the most common chronic disease which affect any age with a peak age of 3 year .currently it affects approx 300 million people.Death from asthma are relatively uncommon and in many developed countries have been speedily declining over the last decade.

Pathophysiology: The pathophysiology of asthma is complex and involves airway inflammation,intermittent airflow obstruction and bronchial hyperresposivenes .

Homeopathic Approach:When asthmatic patient is undergoing conventional treatment especially with corticoids, it must be stressed that the discontinuation of the treatment should be progressive and smooth.

During the first phase Homeopathic Treatment will be administered along with the conventional treatment.Corticoids will be decreased slowly according to the clinical results obtained and in case of violent attacks ,conventional bronchodilators will be used.

Homeopathic Treatment:There are some best Homeopathic Remedies For Treatment of Asthma are:

1.Ipecacuanha:This remedy is indicted in asthma attack when abundant secretion cause spasmodic cough ,often with vomiting .Nausea is often associated as well as hypersialorrhea . The Tonge is clean, Aggravated by motion .

2. Blatta orientalis:This remedy is indicated in acute or sub acute asthma attacks (due to some allergen as House dust, pollens and in changing weather )with bronchial obstruction sibilants or coarse rales are heared during the physical examination .

3. Kali Carbonicum:This remedy is indicated when asthma attacks occurs most often Between 2 am and 4am.The patient Must sit and is better when leaning Forward with elbows on knee .whe patient coughing the bronchial secretion are difficult to expel ,expectoration is greyish and resembles tapioca.

4. Arsenicum album:This remedy is indicated when attacks occur in the early afternoon and especially between 1 am and 3 am and forcing the asthmatic patient to sit up in bed, lean forward ,and even to get out of bed and when breathing is difficult .the patient is agitated and anxious. Expectoration is abundant and in whit discharge .

5. Lachesis Mutus:This remedy is indicated when a sensation of suffocation is the most important symptoms and is accompanied by congestion. the patient need to lose his cloths and craws airs.dyspne is worse in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed and after sleep .

6. Natrum sulphuricum:This remedy is indicated when the paroxysms aggravated or Brought on damp whether and there are present great rattling and wheezing and the chest hursts in the dry cough.The patient hold the chest with the hands.

7. Lobelia:This remedy is indicated when patient feel difficult breathing and has a marked sense of emptiness in the stomach and a sensation of lump pressing up into the throat.

There are some other best homeopathic remedy for asthma treatment like ;Dulcamara may be the remedy when there is much accumulation of mucus and aggravated or brought on by damp,cold,weather.Aralia racemosa with the general asthmatic symptoms is very prone to come on after the first sleep.

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