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Are You Trapped By Sleepless Nights? Don’t Worry, Homeopathy Remedies Can Resolve This Problem.

Insomnia is one of the major problem in India, do you know around 33% of adults are facing the problem of insomnia in India. Insomnia is basically a stage of body wear an individual can feel difficulty in falling or staying asleep. This is the situation there a person is not well rested.The sleep disorder problem is adversely affecting the major population of India.

as you all know sleep plays a vital role in good health, it is very important to take enough quality of sleep. The timings for the sleep should be very fixed as they can protect your mental, physical health and quality of life along with safety of it. Sleep deprived nation and deficiency may lead to unhealthy body.The amount of sleep each and every individual need depends upon their age. Below mentioned is the chart where you can see how many hours of sleeping is required:

  • 4 – 12 Months : 12 – 16 Hours a day.
  • 1 – 2 Years : 11 -14 Hours a day.
  • 3 – 5 Years : 10 -13 Hours a day.
  • 6 –  12Years : 9 -12 Hours a day.
  • 13 – 18Years : 8 -10 Hours a day.
  • 18 and above : 7 – 8 Hours a day.

Before moving ahead, let us just discuss the causes that can trigger the insomnia:

  1. Depression, anxiety, stress and being over emotional : when a body faces a mood disorder, everyone feels low frequently. The abnormal life leads to lack of sleep just because of anxiety, stress, depression and being overly emotional.
  2. A bad lifestyle: Unhealthy habits are always hazardous. A better lifestyle can be switched by drinking less caffeine, avoiding alcohol and eating healthy food. Sleeping too late and for shorter period can disrupt entire life.
  3. Longer screen time: By delaying the release of melatonin, Screen Time pushes back bedtime and leads to less restful sleep. Teenagers are trapped in this and they have become the major part of Insomnia group.
  4. Light and noise pollution: This is common that sleep disturbance leads to sleep sickness gradually. A person gets disturbed by the environmental noise and this results in poor sleep. Extra lights are also among major sleep disturbances, people face in day to day lives.
  5. Longer Indore times: When you spend longer time inside your home, it takes you away from the fresh air and environment outside. For better environment, it is very important to go outdoors sometimes and adapter nature. This therapy helps you in better lifestyle along with better sleep.
  6. Unhealthy eating: Intake of food plays a vital role in insomnia. If you have food that consist of high carbohydrate meals can make you feel drowsy. The quality of sleep can be affected by the same as it increases the number of awakenings at night and reduce the amount of Deep sleeps you get.


Why sleep is so important! The rest and repair mode of the nervous system (the parasympathetic branch) becomes active during sleep, giving mind and body a chance to switch off and recuperate from the stresses of the day.

You can try using these well-known natural remedies to help you get to sleep more easily, or to help getting back to sleep after waking too early. For a more long-term approach, it is best to consult with a professional homeopath to find an individual remedy for you (this is called a constitutional remedy).

  • Coffea cruda
  • Hyoscamus niger
  • Arsenicum album
  • Papaver somniferum.
  • Lachesis
  • Valeriana officinalis
  • Cocculus indicus
  • Graphites


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